Fate/Stay Night – Saber Capsule Fortune


I got these cute Saber capsule charms last week, special thanks to Revoltech Philippines.
The package consists of 5 Sabers with different fortunes each. I don’t know how to read Japanese, so I don’t know what was written on this fortune.


This Saber Capsule Fortune by Kaiyodo can be used as a cellphone strap, keyholder or charm. But today, I decided to take some pictures of them in a creative way for you to see the little detail on her different costumes. I am really impressed on how it was sculpt because of how tiny this figure can be. There are paint bleeds in some of them, but as a Saber fan, you’ll be happy to have this on your mobile phones or bags.

This Saber Maid version is my favorite. I really like the detail on her maid costume.

Saber Lily in the garden. Saber Lily is elegant and being surrounded with colorful flowers makes her beauty standout.

Saber Blue Armor. I can’t imagine Saber without any expression especially in this form. I always imagine her Excalibur pose and face. Still a great looking Saber on your keys will make your day.

Next photo is Saber in regular form. No matter how I tried to stand her, she won’t because the other leg is longer than the other.ย ย I think this is my least favorite among the Saber charms in terms of quality. The lion is cute though. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Last but not the least, my most favorite Saber of all.

Saber Alter!

To get this charm, head on to Revoltech Philippines page to see their retail outlets.

That’s all everyone!
Hopefully next post will be Good Smile Company products! Stay tuned!


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  1. For a capsule figure, man the detail is awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

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