Nendoroid Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver

Today’s post is Nendoroid Snow Miku Strawberry White Kimono version by Good Smile Company. I have this figure for quite a while now and I haven’t taken her out yet. I’ve always been saving her for holidays season, but got really busy last month. I finally unbox her and I am mesmerized by her beauty. I remember when I first saw the illustration of this Snow Miku version, I decided right there that I’ve got to buy it and finally she’s here.

I tried not to be addicted to Miku Nendoroids, I always tried to resist any release but I failed this time. Lol. Snow Miku Strawberry has a huge red box and looks really special.


Miku Hatsune’s face plates are pretty and her white kimono is beautifully painted and sculpted. Her hair and veil looks a bit fragile, so I handled her very gently while taking her out of the box.

This is the loveliest nendoroid I have right now. I’m always been a fan of traditional Japanese costumes and I am really happy to add her in my collection.

I made two photo sets for Snow Miku Strawberry. The first one is Chinese New Year-themed and the second one, I have her set in a ryokan. The Ryokan is on another post.

In Chinese New Year themed photos, I made tiny lanterns papercraft and placed it in Christmas led lights.


I love to play with lighting in figure photography so I thought maybe using this lantern will give such a nice effect.  This set was shoot in our garden the other night. I used plastic flowers for the design and to give color in the background.


She looks adorable in every way.




Since it’s Lunar New Year, I also take photos of Nendoroid Mirai wearing Snow Miku’s white kimono with angbao.



Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had fun taking her photos! Watch out for more nendoroid photography soon. 😉

See you on my next post!


7 Comments Add yours

    1. sheng says:

      I love her. She’s so pretty. Thanks for checkin this post out! ^_^

  1. Frasbob says:

    Beautiful photos! Happy lunar new year!!

    1. sheng says:

      Wish you all the best Happy CNY! ^^

  2. wieselhead says:

    There is a nice atmosphere in your pictures.
    Thats a lovely elegantt Nendoroid, totally love the hoody.

    I also folded a few mini laterns, maybe I can use them in my next review

    1. sheng says:

      The hoody seems fragile, porcelain-like material. That’s why I don’t usually use it in these photo set. She looks lovely..

      I will look forward to see you use mini lanterns on your reviews. (^v^)

  3. So cute!!! I like the lamps! 😀

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