Cu-Poche Celebration

This photo set is dedicated to Kotobukiya reaching 50k likes on Facebook featuring Cu-Poche Haruka, Miki, Madoka, Kirino, Dark Magician Girl and Saber! ヽ(^。^)丿

I use balloons for background, party decoration paper and confetti. I set my camera on burst mode (High continuous) shot.

Congratulations to Kotobukiya hitting 50k fans on Facebook!








Here’s the GIF I made for the fun of it 😀
 photo anigif_zpsb0cef443.gif


6 Comments Add yours

  1. shylanime says:

    I really like what you did on the GIF 🙂 Good job! 😀

  2. Oh wow congrats Kotobukiya! Lovely set, Sheng! Great colors! I always love pink + purple + yellow + orange color combination! 😀

  3. wieselhead says:

    A sweet parade of Cu Poche, they are so lively ^^
    looks like fun, but also a lot of work, you even changed their expressions.

  4. There’s so many already! 🙂

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