Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga Dengeki Version

Last week, I re-watched Toradora! simply because for me it’s a series that you can watch again after a year and never get  tired of it.  I hardly experience this feeling from recent romcom anime series. There are so many scenes that are memorable and I always dream of having a season 2 or another OVA maybe.

Having Toradora as my favorite anime, I bought Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga Dengeki Vers last year. When Good Smile Company announced her release, I got really excited and ordered this limited edition which includes her extra smiling face expression. She’s one of those old anime characters that I was really hoping GSC would release and thankfully they did.

I already took her out for a shoot as soon as I got her before and fortunately 2 photos have been featured by Good Smile Company on their website “Danny’s Corner”.  I haven’t really taken some nice photographs of her, so I decided to make a diorama.

On this year’s photo shoot of Taiga, I chose Ryūji’s house for the setting because she always hang out at Takasu’s home. So I made the room set similar to the anime.

The scenes where Takasu Ryuuji is cooking meal and Taiga eats with his family is such a warm feeling. It’d be amazing if you find someone who sincerely look after you, just like Ryuuji to Taiga.

I hope you enjoy these random photos of Taiga! ^^






IMG_3071-2Taiga making onigiri bento.IMG_3073-2



IMG_3076-2“K-k-Kitamura-kun” *Drools*




I think it’d be perfect if Ryuuji or Minorin nendoroid is also in this set to join Taiga. I was really hoping they would make nendoroids of the other Toradora! characters or I hope Kotobukiya will make a Cu-Poche Taiga and her friends. :3 *Dream mode*

That’s all for today, guys.

Once again, thanks for checking out. I’ll see you on my next post! ^_^


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  1. Tora dora is one of my favorite anime! 🙂 So adorable!

    1. sheng says:

      I also fell in love with Ryuuji. Haha. 😛

      Thanks bro!

  2. Anime Nendoroid says:

    Reblogged this on Nendoroid 'n' Figma.

  3. Anselm says:

    I would really like to know if…
    Do you make all the diorama’s yourself??? The entire rooms looks so well done and it really makes me smile when I see the photos 😀
    Just that lil question from me 🙂
    Great photos

    1. sheng says:

      Hi Anselm, I’m happy that these photos made you smile. ^_^ I enjoy recreating rooms from a favorite anime.
      Yes I made all the diorama. Other miniature props like food are from a toy line called “re-ment”

  4. Alan Medina says:

    Wow, you’re a very good photographer, Sheng.
    Toradora! is one of my fav animes of all time, and your photos made me smile of joy. You have a nice blog, and you’ve earned a new subscriber here. Regards.

    1. sheng says:

      I very much appreciate your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed this set, as much as I had fun recreating the room for Taiga. ^_^

  5. Suzu says:

    Hi, I really love your job ✿♥‿♥✿ . You are big inspiration for me (because I try to take photos of my nendoroids too (o・・o)/).
    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I have a little questions for you. Is everything in Taigas room DIY.

    1. sheng says:

      Thank you for your kind words. ^_^

      Yes, the room is DIY except for food set, table, tea cups, kitchen set and tv. ^_^

  6. rjbailey says:

    Reblogged this on Locating Frankenstein's Brain and commented:
    Nice! Say, it looks like you used one of Kirino’s faces for some of those pics.

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