Rurouni Kenshin Cinematic Toy Photography

I am curious with cinematic photography and I think it would look cool to some of my figure shoots.

I’ve tried it before with Little Yotsuba and Mini-Danboard, but I think it is most appropriate with scale figures and action figures, or something with dynamic and candid pose.


I looked for my old raw shoots and stumbled with Kenshin Himura of Samurai X.  These photos are the ones I thought I would never share to anyone.  I remember one of my friends told me long ago that I should keep my raw photos and discard only the blurry ones because you can use them one day.

In this set, I used Lightroom 5 and adjusted a little in Split Toning section, less exposure and highlight, black, contrast and saturation. Just like any other newb would do in Lightroom. 😛

Kenshin’s cinematic toy photography reminded me of the live-action. Now, it makes me want to watch it again.




I know I still have a lot to learn and I welcome any tutorial video link for such effects.

I might try this out to Jinouga Hunter as well.

Thanks for checking out! ^^



  1. I assume these pictures were already that nice from the start ^_^
    These little postprocessing adjustments nevertheless create a nice cineativ flair, like a samurai on patrol early in the foggy morning. It are really good pictures, but forgive me that I don’t know the origin of this character.

    1. You don’t know Kenshin yet? Oh no, you’re missing one great series. Check out Samurai X “Rurouni Kenshin” (or if you prefer the manga) then watch the OVA. The series was shown in late 90s I think.

      Thanks for the feedback buddy! ❤ ^_^

  2. Ohhh Kenshin! One of my childhood crush! ❤ Good job on your first try in split toning! The dark tones really suit the photo, and it did gave justice on Kenshin's "almost-ready-to-slash" atmosphere here.

    ..and your friend is right, ditch the "nyarp" photos, and keep the RAW ones! Have fun with Lightroom and you'll discover more! 😀

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