Happy Birthday Miku!

Look who’s celebrating her birthday today, it’s Miku Hatsune!

It’s another day of joy for Miku, adding another year of cuteness, success and more fans around the world.

I was working on props for a different photo project late last night when I saw on my news feeds that it’s her birthday today.  I didn’t have enough time to prepare for her day. So I decided to go for the old props I used before.

She has friends joining her party, Mirai Suenaga, Super Sonico, Asuna and Kirito of Sword Art Online.

♩♪~Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you.~♫







Happy Birthday Miku!




    1. and that faceplate all thanks to you! ^_^
      Haven’t posted the photo in FB yet. I’ll surely give a shoutout when I do.

      Thanks for dropping by Mallix! 🙂

  1. Ahaha I always found out it’s Miku’s birthday too late..like the next day or late at night…I have a really bad memory with dates =/
    And Miku 2.0 is suppperr adorable right! =3

    1. Tako-luka… hmm.. maybe, maybe not because I don’t collect other vocaloid nendoroids, that’s why it might be impossible to have her in the picture soon. >_<

  2. Adorable!!!!! My closest interaction for Miku’s birthday was through the Diva/Communication mode on “Project Diva F” for the PS3 XD. Love your pictures and props 😀

  3. Where did you get the props from? I never seem to be able to find them at online shops like amiami. Great pictures, by the way ^_^

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