Nendoroid Petite Hatsune Miku Selection Special Video


This video caught my attention. Not just these adorable figures but how this promotional video was made. I’m not planning to buy this set because it’s really expensive. I only like 5 of them so I’m gonna pass this time. I would rather wait til Good Smile Company releases at least one or two regular nendoroid size from this new character design.

Good Smile Company’s promotional ad is like a nendoroid photography in a video format.  The concept and angles are similar to what I usually do with my nendoroid photo shoot. So I will try to come up with a video like this one day. I’ve got tons of post-rock and ambient music to blend with too. Hopefully, my creative juices and energy will return to me one of these days.  It’s the start of summer and the heat is killing me.


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