Pinwheels Everywhere

Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga enjoying the pinwheels on a Sunday..

When I was a kid, my mom would make paper pinwheel for me. Back then, for me it was a mystery how it spins through the wind and I loved it.

I made tiny paper pinwheels for Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga.

I want to bring out the fun and enjoyment when playing with pinwheels just like we were when young.



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  1. Aruto-kun says:

    Beautiful pics. Nothing beats natural sunlight ^^

    1. sheng says:

      Heya Aruto-kun! Natural light photography is one of my fave. It gives out the best in your subjects.
      Thank you for dropping by! ^_^

  2. darkandchoco says:

    My Lola made me pinwheels back when I was a kid too, they were pretty awesome back when we were kids, actually they’re still cool!! Though I can’t remember how to make them anymore.. Nice photos!! 😀 Love them as always! 😀

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