Cu-poche Festival Photo Session

It’s August! It means that it’s the season of summer and fireworks festival in Japan. It’s the best time to wear yukata while watching fireworks with friends. To match the theme, I also made a DIY lantern for this photo project which I will make a separate post on how to do it later on.

Diorama Breakdown: How to Make a Japanese Style Garden

Today, I am showing you how I made the Japanese House Garden scene that you’ve seen from my Nendoroid Sakura Miku: Bloomed in Japan photos. I googled inspirations and analyze if I can pull it off with the materials I currently have. I always want to take photos of my figures in ‘engawa’ or Japanese porch/veranda.

Happy Easter!

Celebrate this joyful time with your family, friends and loved ones. ❤ Send a heartfelt Easter messages to those closest to you along with these adorable ones. Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

Nendoroid Madoka Kaname: Way of Tea

My original plan was to do another Golden Week inspired photos as soon as I got back from my vacation. Unfortunately, I got sick the day I was supposed to return home and stayed 2 more days in Metro Manila. Damn the extremely hot weather. Despite of the unfortunate events, it was still a fun…

Happy Thanksgiving

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in my country but I am sure many followers of this blog are busy this holidays.

Pinwheels Everywhere

Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga enjoying the pinwheels on a Sunday.. When I was a kid, my mom would make paper pinwheel for me. Back then, for me it was a mystery how it spins through the wind and I loved it. I made tiny paper pinwheels for Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga. I want to bring out the…