Valentines Day: Kissing Booth

I made a Valentines themed Kissing booth for my Kyoto Animation Exclusive K-On chibi figures, Yui Hirasawa and Ritsu Tainaka. I want to set up a fun, Valentines-inspired outdoor photo shoot this year.

I built the stand and used popsicle sticks for decoration and color. Other accessories are the old ones I used in my shoots recently. I had fun taking pictures of these lovely chibis simply because they are all cute with their changeable face expression too.

Ritsu and Yui are running a kissing booth to raise funds for charity (or maybe upcoming show). Who would even have a second thought on kissing them? So cute!

Happy Valentines Day!

IMG_0440E (Large)

Yui and Ritsu have a special guest too!

Hakase seems nervous. Don’t cry Hakase-chan!

How about if Sakamoto gets in the Kissing booth? Will he get more people for fund raising? :3

Uh-oh, the pastries are in trouble.


Mugi is on her way to my doorstep and I don’t know if my trusted store ordered Mio and Azusa for me. I wish they did. These chibis are more expensive than nendoroid. I got heartbroken yesterday when Ritsu’s neck joint suddenly snapped while I was removing her skirt. I didn’t expect this figure to be more fragile than any chibis I have at home. I haven’t removed the piece of neck on Ritsu’s head, I set it aside for now.

Thank you very much for checking out! See you on the next post! ^_^



    1. Hi Nicole! Welcome to my blog and thanks for +follow! ^_^
      I googled Kissing booth images for reference.. I want something different in Valentines Day. Hakase and Sakamoto are really cute. Still thinking of a concept for Nano and Hakase. Hehe.
      Happy Valentines Day!

  1. So cute!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ I always enjoy looking at your photos. This Valentine’s theme is so adorable!!! I always like it how you are able to set up a fun atmosphere and make some of those accessories by yourself! Keep up the good work! šŸ™‚

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