Random Thoughts, Photos and Loot

IMG_0414 (Large)Are you guys familiar with this character? This is from Studio Ghibli’s animated film “My Neighbor Totoro”. I bought this one online from a seller that sells vintage Studio Ghibli stuff. They have a couple of keyrings left, but not as cute as this.

Last week, my most anticipated package has arrived with Nendoroid Hakase!

IMG_0407 (Large)

Nendoroid Nano and Hakase is from the Japanese manga and anime “Nichijou”. They will be my next toy photography project when Valentines Day is over.  I still have to shoot for Valentines Day theme so I can join the challenge in one of my groups in Facebook. Toy Photography is a large community in Facebook that has a lot of talented Toy Photographers from different countries. So make sure to drop by when you have the time. 😉

Wonder Festival Winter 2013 has started in Japan, and there are tons of new figures to look forward to! There are several cute nendoroids (and Cu-poche) coming up and my wallet is gonna cry for the whole 2013 (again!).

I have secured a slot for Snow Miku 2013 and will definitely get Nendoroid Nozomu Itoshiki from “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei” when pre-order opens soon. I’m still thinking if I should get Nendoroid Kobato though…… Ugh!


Look how adorable Snow Miku 2013 is! She’s melting me away..! (Photo credits to Mikatan)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. yomizakura says:

    the 1st photo really nice and refreshing…
    like it XD

    also congratulation with new loots ^^

  2. 赤信号 says:

    Love that Totoro charm! And that umbrella scene will be so memorable..even 20 years from now =3

    And WonFes is killing me so much…Nendoroid Aya, Kobato, Sheryl, Ranka, Hiitagi and so much more…not to mention that scaled figure of Tsukihi…=O

    Oh yeah..and good luck for your Valentine’s day shoot!

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