Nendoroid Christmas Day

Miku in her red sweater is on her way to a friend’s house for Christmas eve. She has to meet Yune so they can go together. While waiting for Yune, Miku get a warm roasted potato to keep her warm.

“Yune, what are you doing hiding behind that giant tree? Come join me here.”

“Alright then, let me sit beside you.”

When they arrived at Ohana’s place, they seem excited with the Christmas presents.

The trio decided to take a picture together with their Christmas gifts.

IMG_9843 (Large)

Yune looking so cute.

Now it’s time to open the presents!

What do you have there Miku?

Ohana rushes in to get in the picture. Little Chi got scared of her. :3

It’s Ohana’s turn to open the box.

Ohana got a kawaii dress.

Yune got her first nendoroid. I didn’t know you like these stuff too. :3

Miku, Ohana and Yune had a great time together.

They seem tired and fell asleep in this cold weather.

Sleeping soundly. ^_^


My brother made the fireplace. Thank you bro! ^_^.

Decorations and set up all by me. I only used 2 desk lamps for this photo shoot because I want to capture that warm/low light feel of the season. Not too dark, not too bright.

One more Christmas themed set and will move on to New Years theme.

Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

See you on my next post. 🙂



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