It’s Cu-poche Christmas Part 1

A few more days before Christmas and the Cu-poches are busy wrapping the holiday presents. Of course, they also love to play, relax and have fun. Time to work! And here’s the mandatory group shot. :3 Have a happy holidays to you all!

Cu-Poche Christmas

It’s already December and this year, my Cu-poche Haruka Amami and Miki Hoshii will be up on the Christmas tree. Haha. They look adorable wearing the reindeer costume.

Nendoroid Christmas Day

Miku in her red sweater is on her way to a friend’s house for Christmas eve. She has to meet Yune so they can go together. While waiting for Yune, Miku get a warm roasted potato to keep her warm. “Yune, what are you doing hiding behind that giant tree? Come join me here.” “Alright…

Nendoroid Nano Shinonome Celebrating Christmas

Here’s another set of Nendoroid photography just in time for this season. Nendoroid Nano Shinonome is just too cute to not experience Christmas this year. So I opened her up and joined Miho.  I’ve got tons of ideas in my head lately, but it’s just hard to make some time for photoshoot. Nano Shinonome is from the…