K-On Nendoroid Cuteness

These are my first set of K-On photos which I found in my hard drive.  Photos taken in late 2010 using my friend’s dslr Nikon D5000.  I don’t know how to use dslr before, not too sure about the settings too.

He encouraged me to buy my own dslr, so in 2011 I bought my very own Canon 60d.  To be honest, I haven’t maximize the use of 60d. With the tools I have and limited time to practice Landscape or Portrait shots are just impossible right now.

Back to K-On, I decided to complete their figma and nendoroid set because I enjoyed the anime and I fell in love with the characters having each musical accessories.  And yes, I’m a music lover so I really find them so cool!

It was such a pain to wait for Ritsu’s re-sale  so in early 2011, I made a special order and paid about more than $100 just to get her, a couple of months later GSC opened her re-sale. Boo.

I borrowed Mugi’s face for Yui. Note: missing eyebrows. XD

Mugi’s clothes are too big for her! >_<

Back then, I still use food erasers because I don’t have any idea about Rement miniature food.

Yui must be thrilled with all the sweets in front of her.

Azunyan’s guitar lesson 101 with Mugi-chan.

Before the year ends, another K-on toys are set to arrive. I pre-ordered all KyotoAni exclusive (the one in the movie and the über cute lil ones) and promised myself that these will be my last K-On cuteness purchase.


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  1. darkandchoco says:

    They’re so adorable! Ohh.. food erasers! never thought of that! nice idea! =3

    I love music too! what instrument do you play? I love playing the piano but I started out playing the guitar first. =3

    1. sheng says:

      There are tons of food erasers in the market, a lot cheaper than rement. But hey, rement does have a nice detail and very good quality that makes it more expensive.
      I know how to play guitar. Errr but not really good at it, i’m into rock music.

      1. darkandchoco says:

        Btw, what is rement? I haven’t heard of it haha! XD

        I’m sure you can be good at it! With practice! XD But yeah, the problem is time yes?

    2. sheng says:

      Wow! Piano! So you’re like Mugi :3 I think it’s cool for a guy that knows how to play a couple of musical instruments. ^^

      1. darkandchoco says:

        Yeah, but I still don’t have my own XD I only play on weekends on my church choir/chorale or if there is a special event like a fund raiser concert or whatnot XD
        Thanks! =3

  2. 赤信号 says:

    K-On! I have all the K-On Nendoroids and Figmas as well so I totally get how we keep getting sucked into it..but seriously all 5 Kyo-Ani figurines..that is gonna be EXPENSIVE. =3

    1. sheng says:

      err.. I know right. They are irresistable >_<

  3. Vanichu says:

    Aaw, adorable ❤ Love the flower accessory you put on Azunyan's twin tail. ^^
    Great pictures, too!
    Some day I'll own 'em all. I only have Azunyan for now ^^v

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