Misibis Bay Resort in Albay

I didn’t expect to come back in Albay this soon.  My first trip in Bicol this year was with my friends last March and the second trip was with my mom and cousins last month.

On our 2nd day, we decided to go check out Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay.

We have to get in this boat to get to the island.

I was checking the list of the activities inclusive of what we paid for the day trip. In the end, I didn’t get to ride any of these because it’s too damn hot that day. Good thing I have my camera with me, I was able to snap pictures of the place instead.

There’s a beach bar ahead.

I remember a can of soda is worth less than Php200. I’m not ready to toss away that amount for a soda so I wait for our lunch and free bottled water. 😀

We chose buffet meal for lunch and to my surprise it’s Japanese cuisine for the day. Oh so love it. Here’s a picture of my aunt enjoying the meal.

For dessert, there are plenty to choose from but I picked fruits, cream puff, rice cake and chocolate mousse. :3

Here’s what their infinity pool looks like overlooking the beach.

Overall, we really enjoyed the trip. I had a wonderful experience here in Misibis. When you go to Albay, make sure to visit this beautiful resort.

For more information, go to Misibis Bay Resort http://www.misibisbay.com/



    1. This is one of many beautiful beaches in Philippines. I wish to visit other places someday. Come visit for a summer trip, you’ll gonna love it. 😉

  1. Bora bora!!!! 😀 Last time I went there was when I was in Grade 6 hahaha! XD

    Btw, what camera lens did you use for the photos in this trip? and might I ask, have you any suggestions where’s a nice place to take outdoor photography for figures in our country? 😀

    1. I only used my kit lens 18-55mm.
      It’d be nice to bring your fave toy every out of town trip. On this one, I actually brought mine, but I forgot that I had them with me. Lol. If you have friends with you with the same passion, I think it would be fun to go to nearest parks and shoot. 😉

      1. Wow only kit lens? Canon’s kit lens must be nice, I have a Nikon d3100 and I want to buy a 50mm f1/8 prime lens! But its so expensive, its about 10k, while canon’s 50mm f1/8 prime lens only costs around 4k right? T_T

    2. We have the same problem. That’s why I only take photos in our garden. I tried to go to park alone this one time, people were surrounding me giving me that strange look, I didn’t really care at first but I got scared to have my things stolen from me. A woman with a Nikon dslr said, “Ang swerte naman ng laruan mo napipikchuran mo ng libre” and then I heard her saying “sayang actuations”. Wth?!

      1. Haha! Oh well, But at least I know now that I have a fellow ‘kababayan’ who has the same interests with me.. haha! 😀 might I add you in FB or something? =3

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