Miku Hatsune: Love is War ver DX

Today, it is Miku Hatsune Love is War Dx’s time to shine. Man, it is huge and too fragile. She is 1/8 scale figure by Good Smile Company.

I only used 2 desk lamps and played the lighting to create the drama that I wanted to show in my pictures. I didn’t use any back drop this time. It’s just plain darkness. It’d be nice if there’s crimson skies over her. I mean, it would be fantastic but it’s just so impossible at this point. I don’t want to carry her around high places she’s just too big for me to carry in my arms. I’m not that good in Photoshop either so I just let her be. 😉 

Here ya go, my most awaited figure ever since I started collecting in 2010.  Enjoy!

For Hi-Res pictures, go check her out in Flickr. ^^

Here’s Miku Hatsune’s Love is War song.


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  1. 赤信号 says:

    She is really gorgeous but considering the size and price-tag of her, I didn’t really mind skipping this release. However I can see beautiful she really is from your photos..and not just the regular version but the DX version! Really happy for you. =3

    1. sheng says:

      Thanks! I’ve thought about the price a hundred times before buying her, I think my interest on her is really strong even if I have to cut down my nendoroid purchase so I just hit Buy and wait. Haha. O__O

  2. Junn_Tan says:

    So envious that you really got her… nice photos as always but would be great to add glamour effect to spice things up.

    1. sheng says:

      Hey Junn thanks! I knew something is missing.. the only thing I could think of to add glamour is city lights and beautiful night sky. :3

  3. yomizakura says:

    OMG..she really look nice… ^^
    also thanks for the photos..it look cool

    ps: i hope you don’t mind if i’m following your blog..
    really look more about your figure review :3

    1. sheng says:

      Hey! Thanks for dropping by and following my blog, I really appreciate it. I’m glad you love the photos. Haven’t updated my blog lately due to work. I’ll be posting new photos when new toys arrive this month. ^_^

      1. yomizakura says:

        you’re welcome 😀
        wah that’s a good news, i will wait that… XD

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