Nendoroid Menma

Honma Meiko or Menma is from the anime series ‘Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai’, she’s so adorable and after watching it, I wished GSC to have a nendoroid of her and they didn’t disappoint me.

So here ya go, my pictures of Menma! Enjoy!

I tried to copy their Super Peace Busters HQ in the anime, I failed due to lack of resources I guess. I used mini-danboard’s head for props (right). 😀

Eat some steamed cakes! >_<

I used one of my doll’s dress on her. She looks adorable!


12 thoughts on “Nendoroid Menma

    • sheng says:

      you got it right 😀 though there are times i still use my kits lens for indoor figure photography, i’m trying not to overuse the bokeh ^_^

    • sheng says:

      Hi Zyra, thanks for dropping by! 🙂
      The table I used here is just a piece of wood, while the miniature food is called Re-ment, other furnitures used in this pictures are from Sylvannian Families. I think these are available in all Toys-R-Us outlets. I bought my re-ment from a friend though, she’s a doll collector. The background and walls are custom made.

  1. vanbrizola says:

    That’s a beautiful!!!! Wonderful!! I’m brazilian and will buy some nedoroids to make sets like you, inspired in you!

    • sheng says:

      Hi vanbrizola! I’m happy that someone from Brazil enjoyed looking at my pictures! Good luck on getting your nendoroid and don’t forget to take their pictures as well! ^_^

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