April Hauls and Diorama

My new babies arrived yesterday. I’m so excited to take their pictures. For the mean time, I’m still thinking how I’m going to do it. I have received a lot of requests on how I did my diorama in most of my shots.. Let me share you guys what I use in my photo shoots to give you an idea.

Windows/Wall — I only used BBQ sticks or Sushi Mat (you can find in supermarket), japanese paper (available in bookstores nationwide).
Floor/Wallpaper — I use printable wallpapers, and they are all available online. Google it and it will help you find them.
1/4 Size Illustration board — this is where I attach my printed wallpapers, and what I usually use for my background
Clip and adhesive tape — you will use it when setting up the wallpaper to your illustration board

As for the lighting.. I forgot to snap a pic in most of my set up. But it’s pretty easy. I only used 2 desk lamps, one at the back using orange bulb and on the front (5watts). Sometimes I use 3. I only use Lightroom and Photoshop for lighting adjustment/crop and watermark. I’m not really good at editing stuff, that’s why I make my own diorama. ^^;

As for the camera, I used Canon 60d f1.8 50mm lens, sometimes I still use my kit lens (18-55mm). For my camera setting, I usually use Manual mode when using tripod, manual focus if poor lighting. Indoor — ISO is 400-500max I keep it low as much as possible 160-200, f3.5-4.
Outdoor photography — I use Apperture priority mode to make life easier. 😀


3 Comments Add yours

  1. 赤信号 says:

    wow amazing stuff done with simple materials! Thanks for the heads up there! Really love how your pictures turn out all the time. =D Will be waiting for your Nendoroid reviews! I have both Yune and Sena and both are tremendously fun XD

    1. sheng says:

      thank you for reading! thanks to my mom for making those windows 😀 lucky me

      1. 赤信号 says:

        Ahahaha, moms are super useful when you know how to call for their aid. XD

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