Cu-poche Friends Alice by Kotobukiya

I realized that I haven’t shared on my blog the photos of Cu-poche Friends: Alice. Last year, I had partnered with Kotobukiya JP for a series of photos and DIY tutorial featuring their products. You can actually see the tutorial on (see here). I  also made an Unboxing video of this cute Cu-poche from Kotobikiya.

Sakura Inspired Dollhouse for Small Toys & Figures – Spring Romance

I know there are so many backlogs, but I would like to start with a beautiful Sakura / Cherry Blossom Themed Dollhouse. Since it’s almost the start of Spring in some countries, making this pink dollhouse seems perfect for the season.  I actually received the package last year and it was supposed to be for…

Nendoroid Mikasa in Miller’s Garden – DIY Miniature Dollhouse

I know this is a bit late. But I still want to share with you the dollhouse kit I received from Robotime last year. In the dollhouse “Miller’s Garden”, it seems like a great background for Nendoroid Photography.  I modified some parts and repainted the whole kit.