Nendoroid Kirby and Robotime Ada’s Art Studio Dollhouse

Today’s post is a Robotime / Rolife DIY miniature dollhouse “Ada’s Studio” which I received a long time ago.  All the details in the room were carefully made, from paint brushes to art painting.

You can watch the video for more detailed instructions on how I built this miniature art studio and the tiny art supplies.

For the sake of realism, I also painted on tiny canvass (even though I’m not really skilled in abstract painting).


The room is actually pretty small so you can only take photos of one Nendoroid at a time. It’s going to be too cramped if I add another figure in the frame. It’s still a great backdrop for Nendoroid Photography.

I also made a lot of changes to the original design of Robotime (RoLife). I modified it and made the studio look cozy and a bit more organized.



Recently, I am loving the minimalist and industrial style of rooms. To be honest, I’m not so knowledgeable in interior design but all I did was search for inspiration on Pinterest and tried to apply the style that I find so simple and nice.


In shooting dollhouse rooms, I am a fan of natural lighting and shadows from the sun.  So I took advantage of the nice weather. I found that tiny glass vase in a local craft store. It’s just perfect for this room.



Since my fiance bought me a Good Smile Company Nendoroid Kirby several months ago,  I finally unboxed Kirby and the little one becomes a painter in this photo shoot.


Kirby is our little painter for today!


I fell in love with all Rolife / Robotime DIY miniature houses. I love that their kits are open for personalization.  You just have to be creative and you would be able to come up with something like I did in Ada’s Art Studio.

If you have a friend or family who loves arts, this is a perfect gift even for special occasions.


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