Nendoroid Photography: In a Nursery Room

Hey guys!
I’m back with another DIY miniature for you all. I am due next week so I decided to make one last project to share with everyone. I feel so inspired by being an expecting mom, so I made a dollhouse nursery room for my Nendoroid.

I filmed it and uploaded to YouTube, so make sure to watch it!!

It’s actually a dollhouse kit I purchased a year ago and haven’t got the time to build it. It’s a kit from Sunshine Series which you can buy in China.

I enjoyed making this dollhouse room even though I don’t have a baby doll. I thought of using Nendoroid Nagisa in this room. Although, that means it has to have Dango family plushies. Sadly, I don’t have tiny Dango plushies made. I didn’t have time to make more as I need to prepare for the baby.

Nendoroid Nagisa with Baby Ushio
Nagisa nursing her baby.
Tiny details and things that you find in a Nursery.
I love how bright the room is.
I have this Precious Moments stickers and used it for the wall frame.

I have tons of pics but I will probably upload it to a new post.

I’ll be very busy these coming months, baby is coming next week. We are so excited!

I’ll be back soon! ❤


2 Comments Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    Ah how sweet, all those details and cozy atmosphere ♥

    Really admirable how you manage to work on this of course sweet diorama when the baby is around the corner 🙂 When you wrote on social media that you would receive a baby soon, I was like “woot, for real? ( ゜◇゜). It really surprised me, but that is nice. All the best for you and the baby and daddy (^▽^)

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