Nendoroid Photography: Yui’s Photo Studio

One thing I always love about the RoLife DIY houses is I can use them as backdrops for Nendoroid Photography.

I modified this dollhouse kit for Toy Photography use. It’s a bit small, but it can work. I made it personal and turned it into Kixkillradio Photo Studio.

In this photo series, I chose Nendoroid Yui as a photographer. Well, I chose her maybe because my husband once told me that he reminded me of Yui. I don’t know why though. LOL.

Yui’s model for the day is none other than, Nendoroid Magical Snow Miku. I miss taking her photos too. It’s been a while.

The DSLR camera miniature is from a Re-ment miniature I bought years ago.
In this dollhouse kit, I learned some ideas about making a miniature camera.
The photo studio has a nice flowery backdrop. Love the colors too!
Time to shoot!
Say Cheese!
Looking so pretty Miku-chan!

That’s all for today guys! See you again next time! šŸ™‚


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