Miniature Table and Chair Set for Figma, Nendoroid, Cu-poche

In this post, I will feature one of the miniature items I received recently for review.

Last month, I got a package containing miniature dollhouse accessories including an outdoor table and chair set. I have previewed the embroidery kit set which you can watch here.

I’ve always wanted to make a patio for my toy photography and good thing they sent me this nice looking outdoor furniture. I will make a separate post for the Patio diorama tutorial so watch out for it! 😉

The miniature table and chair set have a red and white checkered cloth attached to this patio furniture, so I removed it. You’re probably asking why would I remove such a part of this miniature and could damage it. Since I always wanted my work to be unique and it should have a “real” feel to it so taking it off will look much beautiful and unique.

Did it damage the paint in the process? Well, good thing they used hot glue in the seat covers so yeah, it didn’t damage the paint.

The outdoor table and chair set is made of metal and it is painted in glossy white. Its design make it an excellent decoration for your dollhouse and photography. Because of its material, I can also say that it is quite durable.

If you’re like me that wanted a unique miniature furniture for my figures, you can also try to repaint it with a color of your choice. You can also change the seat cover to a different clothing material that would make it more stylish and modern.


To decorate the scene, I also made miniature flowers and other outdoor furniture. Of course, you can watch the tutorial of these flowers in my YouTube channel soon.



Since this table and chair set is 1/12 scale, it is perfect for Figma or Revoltech action figures.


While you can make Nendoroid Ayase look like a toddler in the scenes.


And a little girl like Cu-poche Homura studying in the patio.


If you are curious, how I made the entire setting, feel free to check me on YouTube, as I upload videos how I made my props and diorama.

Watch out for my Patio Diorama Tutorial and more toy photography soon!  See you!

*Video filmed using Sony a6300 + Shots taken using Sony a6500


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