Nendoroid Story: Saber is Cooking

Featuring Nendoroid Saber Casual Version and Nendoroid Rin Tohsaka Cheerful Ver. in today’s Nendoroid Story Kitchen session. All photos shot with Sony A6300. Enjoy!

Saber is cooking their lunch today.


Wow! That looks tasty, Saber-chan!


The food is ready, Rin.


Thank you Saber, I’m really hungry.  This looks Yu—-




Wait, Rin! Don’t go, there’s more left.


Saber’s cooking must be so bad. That’s all for today guys! 😀


Thank you my love for the Nendoroid Saber and Rin Tohsaka..


6 Replies to “Nendoroid Story: Saber is Cooking”

  1. lol that Tomoko expression’s pretty fantastic. I’d imagine Saber would be more used to people cooking for her, so her skills aren’t quite there yet…

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