Figma Snow Miku 2016 – Snow Owl Ver

Today’s post is my figure photography of the newest Figma Snow Miku 2016! It’s a little late now, but I hope you didn’t miss to order this sporty figma before the deadline last February 15 at Good Smile Online shop. This will not be possible without the amazing Mamitan and the rest of Good Smile Company. Thank you so much ❤

From all the Figma Snow Miku that I have so far, this has the coolest accessories ever and my favorite of them all. I also enjoyed posing her doing in-action skiing because of the improved articulation of Figma. The detail and the new design of this Snow Miku is super nice. I love it.

To show you the box, accessories and parts of the newest figma version of the popular virtual diva, here’s a short unboxing video I made.

While this season is a good time to head for the hills to skii or snowboard to some of our viewers, the coolest and prettiest Figma Snow Miku 2016 also attempted to take this great adventure in style.

Miku goes snowboarding









Miku goes skiing





DSC01814-2Yes! I made it!


That’s all for today folks! Still making a new diorama set for this Winter Sports edition photos, watch our for it. ^_^

All photos taken with Sony A6000 / E 50mm F1.8 OSS


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