Nendoroid More: Dress-up Wedding

Let’s start our day with sunshine-filled wedding of the sweetest couple in anime history, Asuna and Kirito. Today’s Nendoroid Wedding Edition is filled with charm and delight. From a fresh garden, dreamy dresses and beautiful flowers that will surely make you swoon.


This lovely moment of Asuna and Kirito would not be possible without the help of Mamitan and Good Smile Company. Thank you so much ❤

Scroll away to see more of their captivating moments using this year’s Winter Wonfes Exclusive Nendoroid More: Dress-up Wedding set. Make sure to play the music as you scroll down the page. Enjoy! 🙂


DSC01245The set includes 4 beautiful dresses with its matching accessory for a perfect wedding. DSC01367Don’t you just love the flower crowns, tiara and well detailed under garment for the ladies? :3DSC01362The bridesmaid will look so fine in her princess-like gown.DSC01372

























DSC01345The bride and groom with their bridesmaid, maid of honor and best man. Here’s to lack of attending wedding ceremonies. 😀

That’s all for today, friends! Watch out for another Wedding Edition photos soon. 😉

**These photos are all taken on Sony A6000 / FE 55mm f1.8 ZA 

14 Comments Add yours

  1. I really love those wedding sets. I´d love to have one but it´s expensive to me and complicated to buy it. I love your photos, but the way. As usual :3

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Yes, it’s really expensive for a set but my friend who has a local shop sells individual dresses. Look up Hubbyte Toy Store on Facebook. 🙂

      1. thanks I’ll check it out. 🙂

  2. rjbailey says:

    Oh by the hammer of Thor this is so bloopin’ adorable. ^_^

  3. nendoism says:

    So cuuuute!!! >w< We would like to have these dresses too for our babies QwQ

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Thank you. Have you placed your order before it gone out too fast?

  4. maritan_gsc says:

    Really awesome pictures with so much tenderness! Love it!

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Hi Maritan! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m so happy you like the pictures ❤

  5. nurmaisarah says:

    Awesome, I realy .. realy.. like it, I hope to have this but I don’t 😢

  6. sarah says:

    Awesome, I realy.. realy.. love it and like it
    I hope to have those the wedding sets figure but I don’t 😦

  7. Lydia says:

    Where can I place the order and I went on website I can’t find it send the link please and thank you

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Hello, I think this Nendoroid More: Dress Up Wedding set was sold out from Good Smile Company online store. Let’s hope they will have a re-sale soon.

  8. abi says:

    nendos were so adorable 🙂 keep it up 🙂

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