Video: Setting Up Umaru-chan’s Apartment

Today, I am showing you how I set up Umaru-chan’s apartment. The reason why I didn’t glue the wall permanently is because I recycle the materials for future projects. Most of my diorama/room sets are made to be assembled so that after shoot, I could just safely remove the parts and keep them in an organizer box.


This video will give you an idea and learn a few techniques for your next toy photography. Oh, and if you like the content of my You Tube channel, please subscribe! 😉

The whole set of Umaru’s apartment was hand made.
The wall is made of sheet wood and covered it with printed cream paper.
Furniture, window and door were hand made. They are made of wood and pla plates.
Flooring is a vinyl tile which I bought from our local hardware store. (I’ve been using this flooring for years.)

Download the posters in her room:

TV and other food stuff are off the shelf items (Re-ment and Orcara miniatures). Monitor and PS console from Nendoroid Sena. CPU and keyboard are made of pla plates covered with black sticker.

Sewing 101 for the pillows!


These are the books and Manga. I will make a separate tutorial for this.20151110_112039


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  1. Mangataku-kun says:

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    Ohhh My God love umaru ❤

  2. Mangataku-kun says:

    Damn love Umaru-chan ❤

  3. Olive says:

    This is so awesome! So cute ^^

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