Nendoroid Umaru: Winter Break

It’s Winter break in Japan and today’s post is about Umaru all through out the vacation especially on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Months ago I promised that she’ll be back for more pictures, so here ya go!

umaru xmass

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy the pictures!

December 24th

DSC01025-2Christmas is the celebration of winter. I’m sure people will go out at night to see the lights. However, I will not be leaving the house at all!

DSC00298-2Today, we will have a lazy little party while eating cake and chicken.

DSC00290-1I wonder when Onii-chan will be home…

DSC01045-2AH! Onii-chan!


December 25th



Happy New Year



Pretty much that’s how Umaru spends her winter vacation. How are you guys doing during the holidays? Share yours! ❤

**All photos taken with Sony A6000

**Umaru apartment is DIY


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