Nendoroids Trick or Treating on Halloween

Since it’s Halloween, many kids will be wearing their coolest and cutest costumes for trick or treat. So I decided to make a photo shoot featuring Nendoroid Halloween Miku, Wo-Class, Mako Mankanshoku, Umaru, Mikasa, Armin,Tomoko Kuroki and Nozumu Itoshiki. Some of them are in their costumes too. I also made a genkan for the setting which I think the best background for trick or treating scene. Genkan is a Japanese entryway in most houses in Japan. (^▽^)

Please enjoy the photos and make sure to check it out until the end for the story!


“Trick or treat!”


DSC01677DSC01678Umaru: Trick or treat!

Itoshiki: Hello Komaru-chan! (Umaru)

DSC01680Itoshiki: That’s a very cute costume of yours.

DSC01684Umaru: Woah! Lot’s of stuff in there!

DSC01686 (Large)Itoshiki: Well, you can take whichever you like. DSC01692-2Umaru: Arigato, Itoshiki-san!

“Trick or treat!”




“Trick or treat!”




“Trick or treat!”




Tomoko Kuroki is on her way home when…

DSC01730-2Hmm.. what’s this?

DSC01731-2Oh this must be Itoshiki-san’s 

Knock knock


Before she could say anything..

DSC01737-2DSC01742-2Itoshiki: Here’s for you.

Tomoko: T-t-t-thank y-y-you

DSC01743-2Tomoko: Heh heh heh A candy from Itoshiki-san, maybe he likes me. 


DSC01746-2Itoshiki: Ugh I don’t have candies anymore. All the costumed girls got them all!

DSC01744-2Tomoko: Ah! I totally forgot about this. 

**All photos taken with Sony A7 Mark II (@sonyphinc)


5 Comments Add yours

  1. wieselhead says:

    I really feel the effort and love you put into this story (‐^▽^‐),
    it is quite enchanting how your entrance hall setup makes it look as a convincing stage for the Nendoroids.
    Nice use of different characters. Umaru is very cute as starters, Mako’s costume is simply hilarious I don’t even know on what it is based lol. Tomioko needs no Halloween costume XD

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Thank you my friend! I haven’t done this scene and theme before for Halloween, so I though why not make this scenario. I didn’t expect that Mako’s head would fit in Nendoroid Gatchapin’s helmet. She looks funny and cute. I hope you had a great halloween! ^_^

  2. Another splendid Figure photography story! It’s like I’m watching an SD Anime short with an all star cameo cast. Ahem! If I may be allowed to say this… GATCHAMAKO looks totally awesome!!! (there I said it lol;) Hmm I guess Umaru doesn’t always need convincing to be early for an activity especially when it comes to Trick or Treating, she even bagged a Chopper Doll to go along with the sweets, Nice Haul Umaru!

    1. kixkillradio says:

      Hi Mark! Thank you for visiting the site! ^_^
      Also, that;’s a nice name for her, Gatchamako. It’s great to play with the old nendoroid especially during halloween season. Gatchapin looks perfect for Mako!
      Since I just received the Umaru nendoroid, I thought she’d be a great part of the Halloween theme. Besides, Itoshiki couldn’t say No to Umaru, because she’s irressistably cute 😀

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