Twitter Buddies: Photo Prints Exchange

So we had a photo prints exchange with friends in Twitter last month. I got these lovely set of figure photo prints from friends in USA, Germany, Australia and Asia. Thank you so much guys! I love them!

I love this photo collection by Wndrenvy!
I’m a fan of’s work! ❤
I’ve been seeing Miette-chan (Otagamers) for a while, ever since I started figure photography. He has amazing works too!
La la la. I love these photos from Stereometric! Thank you so much!
Peek a boo! Have you seen fullOanime’s figure spotlight vids? They are amazing and you should check them out!
Yay! One of the figure photographers who inspires me. has a great figure collection and awesome photography skills.
Lovely gifts and cute photo prints from the sweetest Nendoroidoodads
These are the gifts up close. so cute!
These are my favorite pictures from NY Otaku’s gallery!
Lovely photo prints from toy photography buddy Lexy Photography from Australia!
Wonderful photos from @Vince454 check him out in IG and Facebook!

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