Cu-poche Homura Akemi Uniform Ver. by Kotobukiya

Early this month, I received the package from Kotobukiya US with Cu-poche Akemi Homura Uniform Version and Cu-poche Inazuma (KanColle) for figure photography. I would like to thank them once again for these lovely figures! ❤

2015-08-04 12.56.37

Our figure for today is none other than Cu-poche Akemi Homura Uniform Vers. from Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie. When I saw Homura in her uniform, her sweet smile and other expressions make me want to hug her.

Let’s take a closer look at the figure. The package consists of 3 face parts (sweet smile, smiling and crying), school bag, bent golf club, hand parts, extra hair part and base stand. Cu-poche’s articulation allows you to pose her in every human pose as possible which I am about to show you today.

DSC01295 (Large)

In today’s photo shoot, I experimented with lighting. I want to achieve a lighting that looks natural as possible when your inside a home. I set Homura in low light environment and use the light from the miniature window to illuminate her.

I can’t.. I can’t do anything.. I only cause trouble to others.. 


Can you be my friend?



A cup of tea makes everything better..


But having tea with friends is so, so much better. ❤


I want to be strong enough to protect her!


Madoka my one and my only friend. I don’t care because if it’s for you, I’ll stay trapped in this endless maze… Forever.


Overall, this Cupoche figure is a wonderful addition to your Puella Magi Madoka collection. You can also use Akemi’s uniform for Madoka or even Sayaka. If I have 3 of these, I would definitely capture their ordinary school lives. Cu-poche is a figure that you would love to bring outdoor. Their beauty stands out along with the wonders of nature.

Seriously, passing out from the warm-up? 

Oh well, she had to stay inbed for half a year.. It’s kinda understandable..


I used Cu-poche Extra Gym body part to based it from one of the scenes in the anime. That’s all for today everyone! See you on my next post! (*^▽^)/


All photos taken with Sony Alpha A7 Mark II (Sony Philippines @SonyPhInc)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Olive says:

    I like their articulation compared to nendoroid! May have to look into these figurinea

  2. wieselhead says:

    The outdoor pictures are as beautiful as the little room you’ve created ~ヾ(^∇^)
    I’m a big fan of the fence…
    Homura looks like a funny and adorable Cu Poche,
    I love her glasses, the closed eye face and most of all the energetic smile.
    Haha the golf club is so cute ;D

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