Nendoroid Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class

Another cool figure and the very first enemy nendoroid made by Good Smile Company from the popular browser game series, Kantai Collection (KanColle), I present to you Nendoroid Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class. Yes, the evil and bad ass Wo-Class gets chibified and I am pretty sure many of KanColle fans are delighted and couldn’t wait to get her.

This nendoroid is one of the Summer Wonfes 2014 figure samples that was sent by Good Smile Company for figure photography. Again, many thanks to Good Smile Company for these adorable figures. I am a happy collector! 😀

Let’s take a look at Nendoroid Aircraft Carrier Wo-class:

Her packaging is quite bigger than the regular released nendoroids.

And a  lot thicker too.

I was really surprised on how big her hat is! Having not played the game and not much information about her, the look of the hat gives me a strange feeling. Aliens!

But the coolest thing about this hat is that it lights up in 3 different colors: green, red and orange! Pretty rad isn’t it? There’s a button that allows you to switch between the colors and she’s good to go.

What’s inside the box:

Aside from the figure and incredible hat, she has 2 face expressions, so you can change her from serious to more comical look. She comes with a staff and small planes to fly around her. It allows you to recreate those epic battles with other KanColle nendoroids in the ocean.

She also comes with optional hand parts and articulated stands. Aside from the standard base, it also includes a special blue base so you can pose her to an abyssal setting.

In today’s figure photography special, I recreated an abyss setting using my mother’s rock/sea shell collection and used lots of led lights to give that deep blue abyss of the sea.

I have always enjoyed playing with lights and uses different lighting techniques to produce these effects without the use of Photoshop.

In this set of photos, I only used Photoshop in removing her stand and the small planes stand.



Wandering in the depths of the ocean.






She looks totally cool with all that light changing colors on her hat. As I am not familiar when she has to change that light in battle, can someone enlighten me?

To brighten up the mood, I am leaving you with Wo-Class eating some ice cream. OMG She’s so cute!!!  (´ε` )♡

You can also pose her without the hat. That hat is pretty damn heavy too, but it is actually a bit useful in supporting her to stand without using her stand. 😉

I promise to take more photos of her soon, I still have 2 more figures from Good Smile Company to showcase.

See you on my next post! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

*Nendoroid Aircraft Wo-Class is still open for Pre-Order at Good Smile Online Shop 


10 Comments Add yours

  1. diesuscarlos says:

    I feel like the 3rd faceplate’s resource was used up for her hat. Hahaha. 🙂 But I definitely love the idea of it being able to change colors. Reminds me of Miku Append’s stand.

    1. sheng says:

      oo nga eh, I was kind of hoping na meron 3rd fp. Nakakapanibago kasi 2 face expressions lang. Bitin tuloy ang saya. Hahaha

      1. diesuscarlos says:

        Parang 3 faceplates is the norm kasi no? Hahaha. :))

  2. wieselhead says:

    This is a great idea for a Nendoroid, really cute chibi enemy with supersize hat and powerful led light.
    When you face the ships in battle there color represents the enermy’s skill, green are easy targets, red are more skilled, the color won’t change during battle, though.

    1. sheng says:

      Oh so that’s how the light works. I blindly use the led lights without even knowing that, thanks!
      She’s bulky though but really cute :3 :3

      I saw a scale figure of her too, looks really bad ass and cool. Did you order KanColle figures?

      1. wieselhead says:

        So far I only ordered Kongou from Max Factory, I also love GSC’S Wo class scale figure. Max Factory also plans to make submarines, you can google for I-168 it’s a super sweet design. I’m definitely going to order more kancolle figures. I just hope that there will be a few more Destroyer class ships, there are a few of my favorite designs, like Samidare, Hatsuharu or Mutsuki.

  3. Galing and ganda talaga ng mga kuha mo Ms. Sheng! 🙂

    1. sheng says:

      Hello there! ^_^
      Thank you and I’m glad to see you visit my blog!

  4. rannie says:

    just gonna ask , how will you change the color of the light in her hat ?

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