figma Kaga – Kantai Collection – KanColle

The other day Good Smile Company sent me this huge box containing 4 Summer Wonfes Exclusive samples for figure photos. I would like to thank Mamitan and the rest of Good Smile Company and Max Factory for sending these amazing figures over! You can also see some of the pictures at Good Smile Company Facebook. afterfocus_1406521511222 “I’m aircraft carrier Kaga. Are you my admiral? I have fairly high expectation of you.” Today, the first figure that we’ll take a look is  Maxfactory figma EX019 Kaga from the popular web game, Kantai Collection by Kadokawa games. This was first released during Summer Wonder Festival 2014 and it’s still open for Pre-order until August 4, 2014! So don’t miss it guys! Click BUY. She is set to be released on November 2014. IMG_7789 Do you also play KanColle? I am not familiar with the character because I do not play the game, however looking at the amazing KanColle figures made by Good Smile Company, it made me regret not getting one. If you were able to order figma Akagi, make sure to get figma Kaga for a complete duo. IMG_7790 She comes with 3 face plates, a standard one, smile with a blush and injured expression (it doesn’t look like injured to me though hehe). Her bow and arrows, a posable connection of the ship deck are also included. There’s also an ice cream accessory that is included along with other optional hand parts. IMG_7792 I personally like Kaga’s Japanese traditional dress and style. I linked her with Kyūdō (Way of the Bow), a Japanese martial art of archery. The first set I made is Kyudo-inspired and the setting is a Dojo (training halls). Figma Kaga can stand even without using her articulated stand. Up close, you can see the sculpt and they did a great job with the paint. IMG_7843-2 IMG_7808 IMG_7803-2 I like action figures that are not dependent to their articulated stands, and this figma gave me different possibilities in posing Kaga when drawing her bow and arrow. IMG_7814-2 IMG_7816-2B This standard face fits perfectly while she’s aiming her target. She seems meditating in action which also emphasizes her seriousness in battle. In modern Japan, Kyudo is considered as one of the purest martial art. It practices spiritual and moral development. IMG_7800-2 IMG_7795 IMG_7831-2 Thanks to Figma’s smooth and improved articulation, you can pose her like this. In old releases, the joints are visibly noticeable compared to new releases. Props to Max Factory for improving that tremendously.IMG_7839-2 IMG_7798 IMG_7801-2B IMG_7805-2B IMG_7845-2 She just finished her practice. She needs to grab something to eat. IMG_7851-2 It’d be great if she’s sharing this meal with Akagi. Besides, they’re such a cute combo. IMG_7846-2 With the hand with spoon and ice cream accessories, they are great use for additional props in eating scenario. Although, Re-ment miniatures are not in scale for figma (1/12).

Battle Mode

I used real water for the effects this time.  I couldn’t count how many shots I made just to get the shot I want but I spilled a lot of water trying to make big waves. IMG_7899-2B IMG_8004-2B IMG_7921-2B

Too Much to Drink

Looks like Kaga-san got pretty upset from the battle. Is there something bothering Kaga-san? I used her injured expression in this set, it didn’t seem like an injured face to me though. She looks helplessly attractive. 😀 IMG_7856-2 IMG_7852-2 IMG_7853-2


Okay this wasn’t intentional. My camera’s on timer when suddenly she fell off like that. I had a big laugh when I saw it. 😀 IMG_7855-2 Coming up next will be another Good Smile Company product, stay tuned! (ノ´∀`*)ノ


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  1. elZephon says:

    Nice photoshoot, love it ! And the last picture is so funny, sometimes I have the same problem XD

    1. sheng says:

      Heya! Glad to see you here today! ^_^
      I’m glad you liked this set. That blooper happens to me all the time even with nendoroid/cupoche. 😀

  2. diesuscarlos says:

    Blooper is epic! :))

    1. sheng says:

      LOL. It was really funny.

    1. sheng says:

      Hi buddy! Thank you, happy you enjoyed it. 😀

  3. aconfusedotaku says:

    Oh my god! The blooper is just hilarious!

  4. aconfusedotaku says:

    Also, I have a question. Do you watch all the animes that the figures come from?

    1. sheng says:

      Hmm I only buy figures that I’ve watched in an anime. But if the figure companies sent me their figures, I try to watch the anime to give me an idea of their personality and story. It’s different when the figure is a game character — I only watch them in YT or get help from google-sensei. 😀

      1. aconfusedotaku says:

        Cool! Thanks! I think you do a really great job with your pictures and I hope that someday I can take ones as good as these!

        Maki-chan ❤

  5. wieselhead says:

    You have some nice friends at GSC 😉
    The figma looks really good with her more traditional outfit.
    It’s pretty cool that parts for fighting are included as well as peaceful parts for eating ice.

    I play kancolle and it’s a fantastic browser game, a very good feature is that the ships are voiced by famous VA’s,
    It’s mote fun with that kind of feedback in different events. The distnctive character illustrations are lovely.
    I have Kaga in my fleet, a strong ship ^^

    You made some really nice pictures with her, btw the color of the water is lovely.

    1. sheng says:

      Haha yes. 😉

      The game seems interesting when I googled it, I wish I have more time playing the game or the lack of drive to play games is my problem too. 😛
      Looking at the illustrations via Google, they seem lovely. I want to get figma Akagi too!
      Kaga must be really be powerful. Hope I can see you play 😀

      I actually used a blue basin to achieve the color of the water. Since it was shoot in night time and the lights do all the trick.

      Thank you for dropping by! When I have decent internet connection I’ll go visit your site, ever since we got hit by the typhoon our internet cables and telephones were cut off and haven’t been fixed for 2 weeks now and I’m only using slow 3G mobile net. Ugh. 😦

      1. wieselhead says:

        Oh I haven’t heard about it yet, I see, I hope you weren’t hurt.
        No, need to hurry, Take your time ^_^

        You did quite a number of interesting posts in the last few days, I’m so slow at the moment ;D

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