Cu-poche Kuroneko of Oreimo by Kotobukiya

Today we are looking at Cu-poche Kuroneko of Oreno Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Kotobukiya. When I heard the news that Kuroneko will be given a Cu-poche treatment I got really excited. Cu-poche Kirino would be very happy. I got my hands on this super kawaii figure 2 weeks ago along with another Cu-poche which I will soon photograph too. IMG_7355 IMG_7357 Cu-poche Ruri Gokou also known as Kuroneko is sculpted by Takanari. The main figure includes 3 face expressions (doya face, tsun face, tomadoi face), a cat hairband, cellphone and cute bag accessory. A pink mirror is also included along with optional hands parts to make you re-create your favorite scenes in the anime. In this set, I recreated Kuroneko’s bedroom. IMG_7359-2 Kuroneko stands in her standard long sleeved gothic lolita dress which I find pretty cute. IMG_7360-2 Look at the tiny details of the dress. I am inlove. IMG_7375-2 IMG_7363Looking good, Kuroneko. You look so cute!IMG_7368-2The pink mirror is actually a real one. IMG_7366-2 IMG_7371-2 Kuroneko: “Hey stop taking pictures of me!” Kirino: “Hihihi but you’re too cute!” IMG_7372-2 I really like this expression of Kuroneko. I am quite impressed with the paint and sculpt of Kuroneko’s dress. The next day, Kuroneko is going out to meet Kiririn-shi to buy games and otaku goods.. IMG_7380-2 She’s using the cute tiny bag. Yosh! IMG_7397-2 IMG_7394-2 “What’s taking her so long? I’m in Kotobukiya shop already!” IMG_7392-2 “Why were you late?” IMG_7386-2 Kirino: “The newest season of Stardust Witch Meruru aired today!” IMG_7393 Kuroneko: “Ohhh so you decided to be late because of Meruru.” Kirino: … When Kuroneko got home. “Let me check that new Meruru on Crunchyroll.” IMG_7377-2 To get Kuroneko’s laptop: Click HERE to download the template! Print to any type of paper, cut and fold then carefully glue together. **The laptop is fixed open as thick photo paper didn’t allow me to fold to close the laptop.

Meanwhile, Kirino at home..

To get Kirino’s figure boxes: Some of them are available for purchase, click HERE to buy. You can print the template to any type of paper as long as it’s hard enough to create a box. I used photo paper in printing mine. IMG_7350 Overall, I am so, so, so happy to have a Cu-poche Kuroneko beside my Kirino. I also have the other chibified form of them but having a Cu-poche version is like having a child-version of the cute characters of Oreimo. I wonder if Kotobukiya will make another character from the series. I do hope they will make a male Cu-poche in the future. With Cu-poche Kuroneko’s multiple articulation, it is more fun to make recreate your favorite scenes or make anything cute. I like to take them to the park one of these days, because real friends do enjoy being out together. This Cu-poche figure is sponsored by Kotobukiya. Thank you very much! These photos are first featured on Kotobukiya. Buy this figure HERE. I’ll see you guys on my next post!



  1. Oh yes she has a lot of cuteness, I love the neko paw hands (。⌒∇⌒)。
    There is a good variety of expressions in this Cu Poche, the “shocked face is great,
    Nice scenery again ^-^

    About the tiny boxes, how do you make them, are there some plans on the net?

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