Cu-poche Kuroneko of Oreimo by Kotobukiya

Today we are looking at Cu-poche Kuroneko of Oreno Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Kotobukiya. When I heard the news that Kuroneko will be given a Cu-poche treatment I got really excited. Cu-poche Kirino would be very happy. I got my hands on this super kawaii figure 2 weeks ago along with another Cu-poche which I will soon photograph too. IMG_7355 IMG_7357 Cu-poche Ruri Gokou also known as Kuroneko is sculpted by Takanari. The main figure includes 3 face expressions (doya face, tsun face, tomadoi face), a cat hairband, cellphone and cute bag accessory. A pink mirror is also included along with optional hands parts to make you re-create your favorite scenes in the anime. In this set, I recreated Kuroneko’s bedroom. IMG_7359-2 Kuroneko stands in her standard long sleeved gothic lolita dress which I find pretty cute. IMG_7360-2 Look at the tiny details of the dress. I am inlove. IMG_7375-2 IMG_7363Looking good, Kuroneko. You look so cute!IMG_7368-2The pink mirror is actually a real one. IMG_7366-2 IMG_7371-2 Kuroneko: “Hey stop taking pictures of me!” Kirino: “Hihihi but you’re too cute!” IMG_7372-2 I really like this expression of Kuroneko. I am quite impressed with the paint and sculpt of Kuroneko’s dress. The next day, Kuroneko is going out to meet Kiririn-shi to buy games and otaku goods.. IMG_7380-2 She’s using the cute tiny bag. Yosh! IMG_7397-2 IMG_7394-2 “What’s taking her so long? I’m in Kotobukiya shop already!” IMG_7392-2 “Why were you late?” IMG_7386-2 Kirino: “The newest season of Stardust Witch Meruru aired today!” IMG_7393 Kuroneko: “Ohhh so you decided to be late because of Meruru.” Kirino: … When Kuroneko got home. “Let me check that new Meruru on Crunchyroll.” IMG_7377-2 To get Kuroneko’s laptop: Click HERE to download the template! Print to any type of paper, cut and fold then carefully glue together. **The laptop is fixed open as thick photo paper didn’t allow me to fold to close the laptop.

Meanwhile, Kirino at home..

To get Kirino’s figure boxes: Some of them are available for purchase, click HERE to buy. You can print the template to any type of paper as long as it’s hard enough to create a box. I used photo paper in printing mine. IMG_7350 Overall, I am so, so, so happy to have a Cu-poche Kuroneko beside my Kirino. I also have the other chibified form of them but having a Cu-poche version is like having a child-version of the cute characters of Oreimo. I wonder if Kotobukiya will make another character from the series. I do hope they will make a male Cu-poche in the future. With Cu-poche Kuroneko’s multiple articulation, it is more fun to make recreate your favorite scenes or make anything cute. I like to take them to the park one of these days, because real friends do enjoy being out together. This Cu-poche figure is sponsored by Kotobukiya. Thank you very much! These photos are first featured on Kotobukiya. Buy this figure HERE. I’ll see you guys on my next post!


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  1. diesuscarlos says:

    Lovely as always! (●´□`)♡

  2. wieselhead says:

    Oh yes she has a lot of cuteness, I love the neko paw hands (。⌒∇⌒)。
    There is a good variety of expressions in this Cu Poche, the “shocked face is great,
    Nice scenery again ^-^

    About the tiny boxes, how do you make them, are there some plans on the net?

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