Nano’s Pinata Post-Birthday Bash with Nendoroid Hakase and Friends

If you remember, last year I made a birthday party-themed figure photos for Nano on my birthday (March 5). I’ve been planning to make one last month, but I’ve been really busy and didn’t have time to take photos of my figures. Sometimes there are things and circumstances in life that are inevitable. As summer starts in…

Cu-poche Kuroneko of Oreimo by Kotobukiya

Today we are looking at Cu-poche Kuroneko of Oreno Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Kotobukiya. When I heard the news that Kuroneko will be given a Cu-poche treatment I got really excited. Cu-poche Kirino would be very happy. I got my hands on this super kawaii figure 2 weeks ago along with another Cu-poche…

My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute

For today’s post, I am sharing you Ruri and Kirino’s bonding moment.  There’s no particular story.. just their random photos — playing around and having tea together. The summer just ended where I live and it rains every afternoon.. I will try to make outdoor shoots when there’s a nice weather. In this photo set,…

Merry Christmas

Look what I found on our tree. :3 Nendoroid Nano Shinonome, Kirino Kousaka and Ruri Gokou in Snowman costume. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Inside Story

Wondering what happened before Christmas eve? Combat-san had a special role last Christmas day.  Yep, she helped Ui-chan for the preparation. ^^;