1. You have such a great knack for telling a story! This set was really heartwarming – I absolutely love the balloon photos 😀

    One thing I’ve been wondering, is it hard shooting so close to the ground? I tried it once for an outdoor shoot and felt like I had to be a contortionist to be able to use a camera that way.

    1. I think having a flip-out and articulated screen camera makes it a lot easier for me. I’m using 60d. Here’s an old photo of mine shooting outdoor http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a278/rockfreak11/472188_10150632202342655_22796078_o_zps35b1cf65.jpg

      It gets hard to shoot if the ground is not clean enough to sit or do that position. hehe. There are times I use, plastic container or book where I can put the camera to avoid hand shake. Recently I bring a cloth with me, so I can sit or do prone shooting position. Haha.

      Glad you liked that Balloon photo set, you know I think I have about more than 50shots of it and these are the only one that came out good. I hated the background of most of the shots in that set. I wish I could re-shoot in a different place where I can see skies at the background. 😀

      I enjoyed shooting Danbo, so many ideas in my head but so little time of sunshine outside. Keeps raining all the time. -_-

      1. A flip out screen would definitely be a big help. The screen on my camera’s fixed so even live view is difficult to use if it’s very low (doubly hard if it’s angled upward too).

        Anyway, hope you guys haven’t been dealing with typhoons like Japan has. That would be a tough photo shoot lol

  2. wow, this is so impressive. Especially that the 2 main characters have such sad faces 🙂 The pictures you made are really beautiful and “heartwarming” as Tian said 🙂

    1. Hi PhotoCory,thank you very much. It’s really a challenge to give such emotion through photos to Danboard figures but it’s still a lot of fun to do. ^_^

  3. Very cute photos! Danbo always looks so tranquil, especially in these photos w/ the outdoor setting. My favorites are the ones with the balloons, looks like it might have been a challenge to suspend him like that but it turned out perfect!

    1. I used transparent thread, tied them in my mom’s plants then hang the little one up. ^_^ It’s hard getting the right angle, when the wind is strong that time.

      Thanks for dropping by frasbob! ^_^

  4. The cardbox family is lovely, this one is a realy photogenic figure it is even popular with persons who are non figure friends.
    These are good ideas with the mini balloons (how are you able to put air into them, they are so tiny) and the skateboard.
    From the pictures 3,5, 7, 9, 13 and the last one are my favs,

    With the stronger shading mini Danbo looks more realistic as cardbox man, but the rest is pretty similar.

    1. I agree, these danboard figures are really nice to take photos. You can always create a short story with them.
      I saw the balloons from party supplies. Not sure if I bought a water balloon-type. I just blew some air (I actually asked my mom how to do it. Lol) enough to make it scale to the figures. 🙂

      Thanks for the love wieselhead! ^_^

    1. Haha oo nga eh. I wonder what will be the next Revoltech figure they’ll send in.
      My new figures are piled up na for photography. Haven’t unbox them yet.

      1. Hi! san ka sa Manila? kala ko foreigner ang may-ari ng account na to. galing mo ah, gaganda lahat ng pics mo. more power!

  5. Kyaaah! These are so adorable! I like that you combined Danbo and mini Danbo. I’m a sucker for miniature versions of things. *_*
    And my favorites are also the balloon shots~

  6. Wonderful Danbo pictures! I just got my 5″ Danbo via eBay, but it didn’t come with batteries. Could you please tell me how many of what battery type it takes?

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