Hakase and Nano: A Summer Afternoon

Since it’s summer in other part of hemisphere, I decided to have another summer theme photos this time with Nendoroid Hakase and Nendoroid Nano Shinonome from the anime “Nichijou”.

The set is DIY, other accessories are Re-ment miniatures and papercraft. I also made that furin wind chime using crystal which you mostly use for bracelets. This set was also used in Hakase and Nano’s Everyday Life photos.

Today’s photos are one of those hottest days in Shinonome Laboratory.

IMG_2337Poor Hakase, it’s extremely hot and there’s nothing she can do about it.

IMG_2343Until Nano arrived and brought something out. Hakase, look. Let’s make some kakigori (Japanese shaved ice)!

IMG_2347They have all the ingredients, shave ice syrup and ice to complete.

IMG_2349Hakase chose the green tea flavored kakigori. She’s so delighted!


Nano gave the strawberry flavored kakigori to Sakamoto.

IMG_2358Nano also brought out the sweetest watermelon she bought from the supermarket.

IMG_2362Nano: Hakase, Let me take your picture!

IMG_2365Hakase: I’ll take your picture too

IMG_2364Hakase: She saved the day!

IMG_2368Hakase, Nano and Sakamoto are enjoying their sweet delights.

IMG_2357Such a wonderful summer afternoon.


I have great news for fans of Revoltech figure lines. Revoltech Philippines contacted me to photograph some of their figures coming very soon.  I personally think their poseable figures are too manly compared to what I commonly shoot (nendoroids/cu-poche).  I want to test my toy photography abilities in different figure lines so I gladly accepted the offer. I am up for the challenge.

2013 has been very good to me, first it was Kotobukiya and then now it’s Revoltech. I hope it’s Good Smile Company next. Haha. *Dream  mode*



    1. Thanks! I hope you get her soon before she gets very expensive. She’s really worth it. Hakase and Nano are my fave combo. So funny and cute. 😀

  1. Best of luck on your Revoltech shoots – their figures are about as non-nendoroidish as you can get. But you’re a figure photography ninja! : D

  2. Congrats on getting the photo opportunity with Revoltech! That must be exciting to have the opportunity of working with them ^^.

    Very cute photos, Nano and Hakase are always a very cute combo! You always seem to use the perfect props and backdrops for your photos, great work.

  3. This made me appreciate the wonder of air conditioning. It really is one of mankind’s greatest inventions.

    Congratulations on the Revoltech deal! They have their own challenges for photography (mostly because of the joints) but I’m sure you’ll get excellent pictures as always!

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