Dressing Up Mirai Suenaga


Hmm, let’s see. I used Miho’s body, Menma’s arms, Petite Blythe’s top and sew that tiny skirt. Also, I borrowed the little shoes from a small doll.

I think it’s nice to dress up nendoroids sometimes. I love how I can hide their uniforms with the clothes. I just wish Good Smile Company will make new nendoroids not just in their uniforms.


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  1. darkandchoco says:

    Hmm.. the shoes might look better if painted a different color. 😀

    1. sheng says:

      Haha that FINK shoes. :))
      I wish I have painting skill -_-

  2. Mallix says:

    What brand of shoes (and I mean toy shoes) did you buy that from?
    Was it from Sylvanian families? 🙂

    Great photoshoot yet again.
    I also noticed that you’ve been using Menma’s arms in most of your shoots.
    May I know which nendo’s bodice/s are you using for dressed-up shoots like this?

    Thanks again!

    1. sheng says:

      The shoes I used on this one is from a “Samantha doll” which I bought for Php100 at TRU. The shoes are big on nendos though -_-

      Hmm I mostly use bodies that is not in uniform. I can mix and match with BRS project girls – Super Sonico – Miku Append and Miho.

      You’re always welcome! ^_^

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