Nendoroid Hakase and Nano: Everyday Life

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was busy working with my brother for the new stage and props for this photo shoot. I tried to copy the set in Shinonome Laboratory in Nichijou. If you watched the anime, you will find some of the scenes based in the original story.

For the Dharma doll, I bought it from a Japan Surplus shop in our local area. I didn’t write on the doll itself, I cut and shaped a sticker (like in the anime) and colored it black. I only used scrap materials for the diorama. I didn’t buy anything brand new except for the glue. 😉

I’m not really a person who do series of stories with nendoroids. Normally, I just wanted to capture what they are up to. I want to freeze those moments forever, just like what we are in real life. But I made it different this time.

As promised, here’s my nendoroid photography of Hakase and Nano Shinonome’s everyday life.

Which story is your favorite?

SCENE 1 “Sakamoto’s Arrival”

Sakamoto cat was seen by Nano in the street, and Hakase found it too and brought it home. They think the cat is cute and so fluffy. They are so fond of its cuteness and wants to take care of the cat.

Hakase invented a red scarf so they can communicate with the Sakamoto.

Nano: “Let’s hear what he has to say!”

Sakamoto (Cat): “That was too much petting, don’t you think? When cats meow they’re almost always hungry you know.. I am 2o years old in human life so respect your elder.” 

SCENE 2 “The Drawing”

Hakase is so happy. What could be the reason?

She happily showed a drawing of her favorite animal. This was Mai’s drawing when Mai went to visit Shinonome Laboratory to play.

SCENE 3 “Roll of Cake”

IMG_0529 (Large)Nano is a robot made by an 8-year-old Hakase. One day Hakase craved for a milk made modifications with Nano to bring out a roll of cake from her arm.

Nano: “Hakase, what kind of modifications have you been making to me??”

Hakase: “Just a roll of cake “

SCENE 4 “Robot is kawaii!”

Nano: “Hakase, can you remove the screw. I worry that they will find out that I am a robot -_-“

Hakase: “But robot is kawaii!! (cute)”

SCENE 5 Sweet Bun, Be Mine

Nano is sharing her sweet bun to Sakamoto and Hakase feels sad about it.

Hakase: “……”

Nano: Here, Sakamoto!

Hakase: “…….”

Hakase: “I want sweet bun too!”

SCENE 6 “A Cupcake for You”

Hakase is drawing her favorite animal.

Nano: “Hakase, Hakase”

Nano: “I have something for you.”

Hakase: “Nano! Nano!”


SCENE 7 “Dharma Doll”

Nano likes the Dharma doll and she even has her own.

One day Hakase noticed that Nano’s Dharma doll has one eye so she drew another one but made a mistake. Sakamoto and Hakase tried to fix it, and here’s what it came out:

Hakase and Sakamoto: “Ha ha ha ha”

When Nano arrives…

Hakase: “Nano, I gave birth..”

“Meet your younger brother”

SCENE 8 “But it’s FUN!”

Hakase picked a grass flower so she can play with Sakamoto.

Hakase: “Here Sakamoto, let’s play”

Sakamoto: “I am not a kid anymore…. but it’s FUN!”

SCENE 9 “Clouds like a Shark”

Hakase: “Nano, look at the clouds. They look like a shark.”

Nano: “Yes, it looks like it.”

Hakase: “Glad you’re back. How’s school, Nano?”

Nano: “I made new friends..”

SCENE 10 “Rock-Paper-Scissors-SHARK!”

“Jan ken pon”

Hakase: “Sa me, Sa me” (Shark, Shark)

Hakase: “Ouch”

SCENE 11 “Hakase Moe!”

SCENE 12 “Goodnight, Dear Hakase”

“Hakase loves Nano”.


Some photos were featured in Good Smile Company Mamitan’s Tumblr.

Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy the stories. ^_^



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  1. darkandchoco says:

    awww they’re adorable together.. that’s a lot of scenes! Must have took a lot of time to shoot eh? Great photos as usual, and the props never cease to amaze me.. =3

    1. sheng says:

      I tried to use different lighting. Some of the pics are natural lighting and others using my lamp. Most of the pics were taken last night and few shots this morning 😉
      Thanks again for checking out, I really appreciate it. ^_^

  2. Nicole says:

    Awwww so awesome!!! My favorite would be the rock-paper-scissors-shark! It’s just so adorable!!! I love how you ended the series with such a gentle scene. Your work is amazing as always! ❤

    1. sheng says:

      Heya Nicole! Thanks!
      The last story was my favorite among the rest. ^_^

  3. 赤信号 says:

    dang dang dannggggg!! Yet another wonderful shoot! Nothing to be surprised about here =3

    Having watched Nichijou…it’s really cool to see the whole room re-created from the scrolls to the lamps to the food and even the drawings!

    I can’t really decide on my about I pick them all!! XD

    1. sheng says:

      Haha, I did screencap those drawings, posters and a couple of scenes for reference from the anime just to recreate the whole set.
      Thanks so much again for dropping by 😉

  4. SilverChaim says:

    Ohh, these are so cute! I have been watching you on Deviantart and I came to check out your blog. I love all the details, you did so well! I how also been reading this manga and I like it very much 🙂

    1. sheng says:

      Hi SilverChaim! I have only watched the anime and some scenes are just so funny that I have to re-watch it. Oh, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  5. Aruto-kun says:

    Great photos. I love the ones where they’re sitting on the porch. Also, you should totally join our Figure Photography community on Google+ :

    1. sheng says:

      Hi, I’m already a member of the group. I haven’t been active in Google+. I will try to be more active when I get the chance. Thanks for your invitation! ^_^

  6. San-chan says:

    waaahhh!! >.< kawaii!!!
    all the epic scenes XD Ganbatte!! please continue with taking these photos!
    arigato for all the cuteness!

    1. sheng says:

      Hello San-chan, welcome to my blog! I’m happy that you enjoyed taking a look at them. I’ll do my best to share more cute photos for you all! 🙂

  7. Edgar Seyton says:

    This has to be one of your most adorable set of photos. : ).

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