Nendoroids at the Park

I forgot to post these pictures here in my blog. A couple of months ago, I’ve met one of my comrades in who happens to live near by.

Here’s a set of pictures taken in Blueroz Park in Lipa City. It’s BRS nendoroids first time to travel after a year so they were probably in shock. Haha. I was unprepared with the meet up so I only brought them (and Final Fantasy Chibis) with me while Mitch brought several nendoroids including his vocaloid collection.

I must admit that these set of pictures are not one of those shots that I am confident to share. I plan to go back to that park and do a themed photo shoot this summer.



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  1. darkandchoco says:

    Neat! I wonder where I can take “garden photos” here in Quezon City..

    1. sheng says:

      Me and my toy photography group (facebook) buddies were discussing about where to have a photoshoot meet up in Manila/QC and that’s always been our problem. So until now, we don’t have any successful event yet. 😦

      1. Mallix says:

        Hi Sheng!

        Mind if I join in your photography group too?
        I’d like to learn the basics and have some experience with my nendos.

      2. sheng says:

        You can join us in facebook
        There are albums we post how we do things “How do They do it: Toy Photography Tips and Tricks”

  2. XRyanX says:


  3. 赤信号 says:

    You brought 4 Nendoroids out! It gotta be somewhat troublesome no? Ahaha I did it a few times before and you gotta be real careful with them..but the photo opportunities are gonna be so much better!

    And that shot with the flowers..damn it’s like a scene lifted from the anime..gonna try that myself sometimes!

    1. sheng says:

      It is troublesome to have brought them out since the park is like 20 minutes from home. Oh and I didn’t bring their faceplates and other accessories (hands etc) just to be safe. Next time I will have an organizer box when bringing figures out. Without their face expression and accessories made the photo shoot and story limited -_-

      Thanks! I didn’t expect this picture to come out like that because I just randomly snapped that one while Mitch is trying to stand and balance the other nendos at the corner. 😀

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