Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini Cloud Strife

Thanks to my brother for lending me this Trading Arts Kai Cloud Strife for a photo shoot. My creative juices are not working well, so I can’t figure out what toy photography concept I can make of Cloud. I haven’t played the game but I was able to see Final Fantasy Advent Children Blu-Ray, and that’s one hell of a great computer graphics animated movie.

When it arrived, I was pretty surprised that it was that small. I was actually expecting it to be at least nendoroid-size Cloud, but it was approximately a nendoroid petit size. So yeah, I think it’s a bit pricey with that size, but the good news about it is Cloud comes out with extra body that was fixed in his bike. You can interchange his head from that normal standing body to the one with the bike. It also comes out with different face plates (I’m not sure what’s that blank face plate for though O_O)

I’m not really good at giving figure reviews, but hey, I think this is one collectible item that you can keep as a FF fan. check out these photos for the details.


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