Figuarts Zero Himura Kenshin

This is the 2nd prize I won from Tomopop’s June MMP. This is actually one of the grand prize, but Tomopop was generous enough to give it away in last month’s megapixel. Got the package last week, I only snapped few pictures  of Kenshin, I’m still thinking how I’m going to take his picture. I have no idea yet, my creative juices got drained by stress at work.

For now, here’s Kenshin Himura by Bandai Figuarts Zero.


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  1. darkandchoco says:

    My first favorite anime character, I remember watching rurouni kenshin on axn back in the days XD

    1. sheng says:

      yeah, me too. I used to watch it in studio 23 pa. Haha.

    2. ruoani says:

      me three XD grabe, anime in the Philippines were great back then!

  2. 赤信号 says:

    ooh another win! Congratulations! Will wait for your photos. =3

    1. sheng says:

      thanks mate! ive been so busy.. i miss toy photography. I’ll try to find some time this weekend. 🙂

  3. ruoani says:

    Congrats on your win, maybe I should get you to teach me XD

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