Sena’s Otaku Room

Who would’ve thought that Sena has another side of her.

Can you name one nendoroid in Sena’s room? :3

Aw, that face is really cute.

Sena has a guest in her room.

Hanging out inside Sena’s room.

“Hey Kirino, look at this website.”

Kirino is too focused on what she’s reading.

Kirino is a sweet girl. She jsut left to buy an ice drop for her friend.


Those nendoroid boxes are papercraft, I scanned few of my nendoroid boxes and photoshopped a bit. Other furnitures are from Sylvannian Families.
Those One Piece tiny characters are part of my capsule toy (Sanji’s) and used it for decoration. Printed out a Culture Japan to make it look like she’s browsing something on the net using Sena’s TV.


First picture was featured by Mamitan in Good Smile Company Tumblr.



    1. Yes. Didn’t expect to be potd in mfc days ago but i’m happy that many people loved it. 🙂 I really love that Kirino face plate.. so cute! >_<

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