K-On Fuwa Fuwa Time

After getting Ritsu a couple of months back, this is my first time taking their pictures all together. As usual, I avoided using their stands so I used bobby pins. It took me hours just to set them up. The problem was the stage was so small so whenever my hand accidentally bump one nendo there goes the next nendo falling down- it’s like a domino effect. Lol. I got annoyed that night and deliberately just finished everything for the heck of it. Maybe one day I will take another pictures of these little ones with more artistic approach and less crowded room. Yes, I was inside my room with all their boxes on the floor.

I used red cloth for the background, wires from motherboard, place mat for their stage floor, diy flash diffuser for the cam, 1 desk lamp (I know I should be using 2), christmas lights (for the effects on the background cloth), bobby pins (hairpin) for their stands and diy-built microphone (thanks to my brother).

Check out more pictures below:

“K-On Friday Night Live”

The Making and Behind the Scene:

On the first image, you can see the bobby pin behind Azusa.

The third image shows you what materials my brother used for the microphone and Mio was watching over him. LOL.

The fourth image which is the biggest among the group was the result of “domino effect” whenever I accidentally bump one nendoroid. Now, where the hell is Mugi and Yui? Mugi dived in at the back stage while Yui jumped off the stage — somewhere on the floor. Good thing I put blanket over the floor so in case they fall off they would still be unharmed. :O

The last image which is Yui staring at something, well she was taking a break too….. she’s about to get one chocolate eclair. 😉


4 Comments Add yours

  1. moushifj says:

    Oh my god! I’ve never watched/read the story but the shots to this are fantastic!! Great angles, amazing set up, they really feel like they are real! I would be so proud of this and post it on deviantart if I made anything half as amazing as this!

    1. kix says:

      I like the figures because of their cool guitars and drums. I even bought their Figma poseable version must be because I’m into music as well. But all in all, they are just adorable, i think all nendoroids are. 😉 I have a deviantart too, will upload when I have free time. Thanks!

  2. San-chan says:

    you are really amazing!

    1. sheng says:

      Thanks San-chan!

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