Cu-poche Festival Photo Session

It’s August! It means that it’s the season of summer and fireworks festival in Japan. It’s the best time to wear yukata while watching fireworks with friends. To match the theme, I also made a DIY lantern for this photo project which I will make a separate post on how to do it later on.

Watch: How to Make a Beach Umbrella

As part of my diorama project in last Sony’s event, I made a quite number of DIY miniatures for a real summer vibe. This includes making a beach umbrella to complete the summer gears needed of my Nendoroid and Cu-poche. Since I couldn’t make something from scratch due to lack of time, I found an interesting…

Cu-poche “Friends” Anne – Summertime

  “I think of thoughts that cannot be, no hand can reach across this sea, the seasons change on distant shores, from frosty skies to sunshine blue, as summer’s touch undresses you- Reminding me of all the things I often wish, but cannot do.” – Michael Faudet

Cu-poche Friends “Anne” by Kotobukiya

Today’s figure photography spotlight is an an original character of Kotobukiya, Cu-poche Friends “Anne”. She comes with a simple undergarment and wearing a real fabric beautiful pink lacy dress.