DIY Miniature Japanese Dollhouse Engawa for Nendoroid Saber

Nendoroid Saber from the Fate Stay Night show has been one of my favorite subjects ever since I met my now husband. In celebration of our ‘monthsary’, I always make a photo series with Nendoroid Saber as the main subject, dedicated to him. ❤

Since I am using Good Smile Company Nendoroid Saber Complete File Edition which was released in 2012, I decided to re-build my miniature Japanese house diorama, focusing more on its Engawa.

If you have been watching anime all your life, you may have seen a lot of this part of Japanese house in the show. It’s a place in the traditional house wherein you can hang out, sit and relax. 

I haven’t really made a video of how I made this dollhouse because It was built long before I even started YouTube. But today, I filmed how I set it up.

This Japanese Dollhouse or diorama is collapsible so I can keep it in my organizer box or re-use the different parts in other dollhouses. Good thing I kept it safe in my box.

The materials I used in this diorama are mostly scrapped which I found at home. You’ll be amazed how you can recycle some old stuff that you wouldn’t believe you can build something from it.

Here’s the video, check it out!

Btw, I try to minimize the photos I share on my blog now since Flickr is not free anymore.

Please enjoy the photos!


The miniatures I used are Re-ment. 


Since I wanted the glow of sunrise, I woke up early and set it up to catch the natural sunlight.



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