Nendoroid Saber in her Spring and Easter themed Room

Since it’s Spring on the other side of the world and some of us are celebrating Easter this coming weekend, I decided to redecorate my old Rolife Alice’s Bedroom. I turned it into a cozy corner in a living room using some old materials, new stuff from Banggoo & DIY items.

I made DIY Easter dollhouse decors that are so easy. I’m sure you can do it too! Follow the instructions and the ideas given on my YouTube video.

Here’s the tutorial video of DIY Easter Decors, make sure to make something for your Nendoroid.

Here are some of the things I made. CUTE!


The miniatures in the cabinet are a combination of DIY and off-the-shelf items (Re-ment).


The bookshelf and accent chair are from Banggood. They sent this to me last year, so thank you Ms. Ava!


I chose Nendoroid Saber as the main subject for today because she is my husband’s favorite character. He is feeling a bit down lately, so I wanted to cheer him up through these photos.



Smile, Saber!


That’s all for today guys! See you guys again next time!


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