Tutorial: DIY Miniature Swimming Pool Set for Nendoroid, Dolls and Action Figures

It’s time to be creative again, so I’m here to give you ideas on how to make your own miniature swimming pool set for Nendoroid, dolls, and action figures perfect for Summer themed photography.

DIY Swimming Pool Set


Foam board
Sintra board
Popsicle sticks
Wood stain
small stones (from Daiso)
acrylic jewelry box (from Daiso)
plastic (fake) flowers and fake grass
green construction paper

TIP: I always have my Nendoroid or figure with me while I create my minis for the size reference. That way I won’t be building something too big or too small for them.

I like a swimming pool with a modern twist so I decided to make something with wooden deck.





Go ahead and watch the tutorial on YouTube for more detailed instructions.

Of course, you will also have to make miniature outdoor furniture to have your modern swimming pool in style.


The pool lounge is made of wooden coffee stirrers. Here’s the video on how to make a miniature pool lounge chair:

Aside from a lounge chair, you can also add outdoor miniature ottoman on the poolside. Check the out video for the tutorial:

You will see the Nendoroid Photography here!

See you again next time! ^_^


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