Watch: Alice in Wonderland Inspired Dollhouse/ Diorama Tutorial

Hey guys! As promised, I am back to share with you how I made the miniature Alice in Wonderland Dollhouse room.

Ever since I got the figure, Cu-poche Friends Alice. The task given to me was to make a DIY tutorial featuring the figure. Since I’ve been doing these things in the past, I thought of making a themed room for her.

First, I searched about Alice in Wonderland and re-watched the cartoon. I am trying to look for inspiration and ideas, the colors and miniature pieces that could match the theme.

The things that came to my mind were black & white tiles, something red, huge chair, weird looking bookcases, painting the roses,‘eat me’ sweets, ‘drink me’ liquid stuff and mad hatter hat. With these in my mind, I started planning the materials needed for the project and how would I go about making the pieces.

Here are the materials used for the Roombox:

Sintra Boards (available at school supplies, or craft stores)
MDF Boards (bought from Daiso)
Plaplate (the thinnest one, also available at local hobby stores)
Acrylic paint (black)
Red paper
Double sided tape

You can actually re-use this room box in the future with just changing the wallpaper. Make sure to watch the video below for a full tutorial.

The video will give you tons of ideas for your next project. This one is actually a collapsible room box so that I can disassemble the parts and re-use it for future works.

The next video will be tutorials of the miniature furniture used in the Alice in Wonderland inspired Dollhouse, watch out for it! See ya again next time! 🙂


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