Watch: DIY Mini Bunny Ears Headband Tutorial

Hey, guys!
Here’s a new DIY project for Easter themed toy photography. I made a pair of mini bunny ears for my Nendoroid. Even though I purchased Good Smile Company Nendoroid More: After Parts 2  years ago, I seldom use it for my collection unless I’m in a bit hurry to do a shoot.


Making this mini bunny ears is easy. The materials are available at a local craft store and our home. The fur fabric is a scrap piece of cloth from the past. You can ask fabric sellers about this cloth, there are different kinds from cheap to expensive ones. I wouldn’t recommend you to buy the expensive kind though. If you have a scrap of this cloth somewhere in your house, look for it first than to buy a new one.

If you don’t have a craft wire, use paper clips instead. Be resourceful! Make sure to watch the video to give you an idea.

Easter Bunny Miku

More photos coming up this week!


Filmed with Sony A6300 & Sony A6500
Photos snapped using Sony A6500 with FE 50mm f2.8 Macro


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